Using projections of thousands of tiny light beams reading depth, space, and motion to create an interactive environment of light and sound, Russ RuBert created an immersive video art installation at the ideaXfactory for visitors to engage by moving their bodies. Sensing movement, the system interpreted the information and turned it into particles of light in animated motion on a giant translucent screen. Five projectors were installed inside the ideaXfactory to create a multi-layered experience of different visual interpretations of the movement data in the form of letters, numbers, a flexible grid, points of light, colors, silhouettes, and shadows.

Collaborating musicians for the event were Tyler Thrasher and Bryan Burke, creators of project Delve, a collaboration between music producers and students at Missouri State University who focus on outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, caving and hiking as a way to inspire and motivate others to go beyond the scope of what they think is possible.

Here is a video of people interacting with To Live To Love, accompanied by music of Delve: