Constructed Environments at ideaXfactory

Explore an amazing maze of 21 Interconnecting Spaces by 22 artists, each using 2 materials and 1 adhesive to create a unique Labyrinth of Art!

On March 1st, First Friday Art Walk visitors to ideaXfactory at 351 N. Boonville Ave will have the opportunity to explore a Maze/Labyrinth of 21 connected, artist-constructed, singular environments. 

The basic concept is a construct of connected art environments, each created individually and unique, with 21 connected spaces. More than 21 artists have been working together over the past month to envision and create this amazing cR
Participating artists are Carl Glasemeyer, Robert Rekas, Rodriguez, Rick Briggenhorst, Jennifer Rose Wolken, Casaundra Beard, Corbin Sheppard, Joshua Burd, Tristan .B. Miller, Jacob Guffey, Olga Shute, Daniel Johnson, Shauna Smith, Malaina Elliott, Dana Neuenschwander, Jo Taylor, Barrett Crosby, Emily Cunningham, Debra Madden, Amanda Steimel, Timothy Damaso, and Walter Russell.

Artists chose different and sometimes unexpected materials such as: cardboard, wood, plastic, foam, playing cards, organic brushwood, plaster, thread, leather, paper, worm-on-a-string, video projections, syrup, white glue, foam, hot glue, or even gravity as an adhesive.

Each artist then constructed at least two walls, a window, and two doorways, one coming from the adjacent artists space and the other going to the next, thus creating a maze like path through the interior of the connected spaces.

This project is the brainchild of ideaXfactory’s director/artist Russ RuBert, based on past environmental collaborations at the Kansas City Art Institute and elsewhere. For this project ideaXfactory is collaborating with the MSU Sculpture department, MoState Sculpture Club, and local emerging artists.

The artists have shown extraordinary creativity in their own work, and also tremendous creativity working together to create this amazing structure of interconnecting passages, the Constructed Environments Labyrinth.

The prospect of snaking ones way through though the maze promises to be a bit challenging, but fun, and will present participants with a fascinating and exciting art adventure!
Constructed Environments will be open for First Friday ArtWalk, March 1st, from 6-10pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-7 pm or by appointment until March 22nd.  A closing exhibition and artists talk will be held at ideaXfactory on March 22nd from 6-8 pm.

Participating Artists and their media:
Space # 1  Carl Glasemeyer 
Paper, Plaster, Screws

Space # 2  Robert Rekas 
Saran Wrap, Plastic Tubing, Duct Tape

Space # 3 Rodriguez 
Worm on a String, Wood, String-Rope

Space # 4  Rick Briggenhorst 
Clear Vinyl, Glitter, Spray Adhesive

Space # 5 Jennifer Rose Wolken
Paper, Leather, Thread

Space # 6  Casaundra Beard
Foam, Paint, Nails

Space # 7  Corbin Sheppard 
Styrofoam, Paint, Drywall Joint Compound

Space # 8  Joshua Burd 
Wood, Spray paint, Nails

Space # 9  Tristan .B. Miller
Plastic, Syrup, Epoxy

Space # 10  Jacob Guffey
Foam, Wood, Expanding Foam

Space # 11  Olga Shute 
Blankets, Rope, Foam

Space # 12   Daniel Johnson
Cardstock, Metal, White glue  

Space # 13  Shauna Smith
Fabric, Grass, Hot Glue

Space # 14  Malaina Elliott
Organic fabric, Organic Brushwood, Metal

Space # 15  Dana Neuenschwander  – Jo Taylor
Wire, Fiber, Plaster

Space # 16  Barrett Crosby 
Light/Video projection, Plastic, Sound

Space # 17  Emily Cunningham
Foam, Plastic, Screws

Space # 18  Debra Madden 
Cardboard, Plastic, Spray Foam

Space # 19  Amanda Steimel  
Fabric (Mesh), Plastic, Spray Adhesive

Space # 20  Timothy Damaso
Soda cans, Cardboard, Magnets

Space # 21  Walter Russell 
Metal, Rubber, Gravity | Cosmos