Yarn bombers have been meeting on Sundays at 4-6 pm at ideaXfactory.

It’s an informal group — all ages, all genders are welcome. We have a community stash of yarn and tools, so you don’t need to bring anything. Or if you do have some old, scrap or salvage yarn you’re not using, bring it along and toss it into the stash. Don’t worry if it’s cheap or old yarn – all the better to weather the outside elements if you are going to work on an outdoor installation project.

Don’t know how to knit or crochet?

Never mind, we forgot the finer techniques too. We can teach you a basic knit-stitch, and there’s even some fun finger weaving techniques that Julie Taylor Jones can teach you. If you’re a pro-knitter, bring your project or tools along to wow the rest of us who are using odds and ends from last summer’s rummage sale. We also have a collection of inspirational books to get you started creating your own ideas.

Pretty much we’ve been gathering at the ideaXfactory on Sundays around 4-6 pm, but do check our Facebook page or Twitter for any last-minute updates due to bad weather or holidays. Come prepared to eXperiment and have fun!