April-May, 2018

We asked over 25 artists for their heroes for this exhibition – be them from history, literature, music, movies, mentors, comics, friends, relatives…. To explore or present diverse heroes so we can all discover something new.

One artist said, “I don’t have any heroes!” Even better, make up your own. What do you want your hero to do? We need more heroes, so why not invent a few more!

The DIY hands-on art lab allowed the public to create their own images and stories about personal heroes and exhibit them on the back gallery walls.

Contributing artists include MSU and Drury faculty members, independent, professional, and street artists.

Jo Van Arkel
Christino Bellotti
Greg Booker
Rick Briggenhorst
Roxie Castro
Stephanie Cramer
Keith Ekstam
Doug Erb
Lura Faye
Hing Wah Hatch
Cedomir Kostovic
Maria Gerasimchuk
Sharon Harper
Kevin Hughes
Sarah Jones
Mika Logan
Todd Lowery
Meganne Rosen
Lao Rubert
Pam RuBert
Jina Seo
Shauna Leann Smith
Christie Snelson
Cameron Thomas
Mikey Yates

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