Following the announcement that the City of Springfield’s ideaXfactory is a finalist for an Artplace grant, a formal presentation was made by Russ RuBert at the Springfield City Council meeting on January 29. Council members were informed about the objectives of Artplace to accelerate creative placemaking across the county and the concept of using locally driven strategies to use arts and culture to bring new life to communities, make neighborhoods more livable and urban streets more vibrant, and encourage investment, new residents and new business.

To demonstrate the objective of the ideaXfactory to provide space for site-specific art installations and bring together creative collaborations between diverse arts groups, Council was shown a YouTube video that condenses four weeks of activity into a three minute stop-motion video.

On February 11 Springfield City Council approved COUNCIL BILL 2013-032. (Burlison) – “A special ordinance authorizing the City Manager, or his designee, to apply for and accept a $303,000 grant for creative placemaking from ArtPlace to make facility improvements and provide arts programming funds at the ideaXfactory at 351 N. Boonville Avenue…”

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